Smoking in the Shower

Don’t worry, no one here is smoking in the shower, I promise.  I just needed a catchy title – or at least a title that I thought was catchy.  Last night, after I took the time to shower and get ready for dinner, we ended up at one of those law-breaking bars.  You know, the kind that let you break the law and smoke inside at your own risk.  Well needless to say, I came home reeking of smoke.  It made me actually wonder why I bothered to shower a mere 4 hours prior.  Talk about pet peeves…yeesh.

Today I woke up feeling the twinges of what seemed to be (see how that goes?) an incoming migraine.  Well, we putzed around the farmer’s market (and got some asian pears – YUM!) and then headed out to lunch.  By the time we got home, I seemed to need to pop some pills.  Richard commented that I needed to shake this by the B.B.King show tonight, so I settled down in bed.  The good part, Richard later came back to bed and it was snuggle time with me and the boys (I love that about weekends).  The bad part (or what seems like the bad part) is that it didn’t seem to work.  I can still feel the dull ache.  Eh, I’m sure I’ll survive the show.  Did I mention that I hate blues?

And now, I’m off to do a buttload of dishes.  Man, dishes and laundry, when does it ever stop?!?

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