Baby Envy? Not.

I (selfishly – see below) spent the day with a good friend and her darling son and am proud to announce that I was able to earn back my baby street cred. Turns out I really DO know my way around a baby even if I’m not a mom (take that!!) And as to be expected, the little man loved me! I got to hold him and walk to sleep. I got to feed and burp him. And I let him suck on my (clean) finger while his mama tried to suck boogers out of his nose – poor kid!

The best part…no baby envy! I guess we didn’t make an unwise choice after all. I mean, as much as I love kids (and boy howdy do I love kids!) I really, at no point thought to myself “awww…I wish I had one.” Cool, huh? And for what it’s worth, I seem to have a way with poodles as well.

Funny thing…I DO get all “awww…I wish I had one” around puppies! Go figure!

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