Color Me Embarrassed

I finally got around to picking up and vacuuming the house. Keep in mind, we’re in a smallish two bedroom apartment, so there’s not really all that much to clean up. Sadly, I just hate housecleaning so I tend to always keep it way, way down the bottom of the to-do list.

I figured that since I could see the piles of cat hair that it’s been to long. So I call the dog into the bedroom and close the door. I pull out the Dyson (all hail the mighty Dyson!) and off I go. I was done with all 4 rooms and the bathroom in about 10 or so minutes. But man, I managed to damn near FILL the entire canister with dirt and debris!

How sad is that? What sort of stay at home wife am I? Apparently, the type that rarely gets around to cooking and cleaning *sigh*

How embarrassing 😮 Lucky for me my husband doesn’t seem to notice this fault all too much.

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