The Happiest Three Years…

I’ve been neglectful, please forgive me. I’ve got a lot of posts stored up in my head, I just haven’t gotten around to typing them up yet. Until then (which will be shortly), I’ll leave you with some anniversary details…

Since the hubby has to work tonight (he’s shooting the Rufus Wainwright show) we decided to celebrate last night instead. We started out the evening by heading over to the Hotel Cafe to see Keri Noble (her myspace with music clips). She put on a great show and didn’t disappoint. Since she was the opening act, we had great seats right up front (and of course, the hubby was shooting the show and got some great photos).

It was a very stripped down set with just her on keys and her husband on guitar. She did a great version of Patty Griffin’s Fly (the Chicks also cover it). We hung back and talked with her manager after her set and found out that she’s sadly still unsigned. Man, she’s got a kickass, raspy voice and it’s really a shame she’s unsigned. Here’s a clip of one of my favorite songs of her’s, here’s an X-File video that she sang on and here’s her single from her last album). Yeah, I’m a fan, what can I say.

So after the show we headed on over to Off Vine for dinner. I’ve heard some good things about them and have wanted to try them for quite some time. Sadly, it was just okay. Nothing fancy and let’s be honest, we were shooting for fancy. The restaurant was dead – not a surprise since it was a Monday at 8:30. The restaurant is very cool as it’s in an old arts & crafts-style bungalow.

I do have to say that our smoked chicken and mozzarella ravioli with an apple mango chutney appetizer was kick ass! The souffle for dessert was okay as well. I liked the one we had in Vancouver on our honeymoon much better. The meals itself, again, just okay. The hubby had a pretty good trout in a cream sauce that was tasty, though we couldn’t for the life of us figure out what was going on with his side dish (way too weird to figure out – something with broccoli). My pecan crusted chicken was missing something – my theory is when you have to salt your food to give it some flavor, it’s not usually a good thing (outside of eggs, mexican food and chicken noodle soup, that is). But hey, their wine menu was very well written. I can’t say we’d go back again or recommend it to friends though.

Tonight we’ll be off to see the RW show. Turns out the hubby was able to get a +1 after all, so I’ll be going along. So I picked up the fixin’s for a Chinese chicken salad, a carrot cake (bad, I know) and a bottle of bubbly, prossecco so we can celebrate again – since he doesn’t go on until 10. Not such a bad deal considering we really don’t exchange gifts (though this year we are getting a new home entertainment stereo system as our “anniversary gift” since the hubby’s old, hand-me-down stereo is on it’s last legs). PS – RW was on KCRW’s Morning Sounds Eclectic earlier today and it’s a great set – check it out.

Oh yeah, remember that SATC episode where Samantha got a peel the day before Carrie’s book launch? Yeah, well, I’m a walking example of why one should NEVER EVER get a facial before a big event!  Yes, the woman gave me two glycolic peels (light or not) and then waxed my upper lip and I’m ON FIRE!! My nose and cheeks are bright red, and my upper lip (and the actual lip!) is in so much pain it hurts to even open my mouth! Crazy I tell ya!! I’m sure I’ll look great this weekend *sigh*

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