Thursday Thirteen – 13 Ways to Stay Cool in this Crazy Heat

How sad that I’m doing this now when Summer has just begun. I can’t imagine what I’ll be doing during the crazy fall heatwave we get in September and October.

1. turn on the AC
2. or if you’re like us and the AC barely works, surround yourself with tons of fans
3. go for a long drive with both the AC and the stereo blasting
4. head out to the movies
5. head out to the mall
6. head out to the bookstore
7. eat out at an air-conditioned restaurant – or be like us and just sit down with a sandwich at the local grocery store
8. drink plenty of water – it’s especially good icy cold with sliced up cucumbers
9. close all the blinds
10. popsicles, frozen fruit pops or ice cream
11. eat an entire watermelon – yes, you’ll be full and sticky as well, but so good
12. take a cool shower
13. wrap a cool, wet towel around your neck and pray for a cold spell

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