Another Thing About Living in SoCal – Earthquakes!

Last night, around 1:00AM, we had a A 4.5 quake in Chatsworth. I can’t say it’s my first – my first was a rolling one while at work in Alhambra shortly after I moved here. And there have been a few others that I’ve missed – one while I w as driving. But wow, I felt this one. I thought it was (somehow) the pupster shaking up the bed with his scratching, but then the hubby called out to me to tell me it was a quake. Freaky!

Our friend called mere seconds later to see if we felt it. Of course, having been involved in the Northridge quake, she doesn’t much like them. Let alone like them when she’s gimpy and can barely walk straight.

Which of course reminds me, yet again, that I need to work on that emergency kit and we need a back up plan of action. Guess I know what I’ll be doing today *sigh*

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