I Love Me Some Jason Bourne!


So I’m doing the happy dance over here! We finally saw Bourne Ultimatum. We tend to not go to movies opening weekend since here in LA, things can get crazy with monster lines and crowds and whatnot. But we held off until Saturday to see it. Last week had to be one of the most painful weeks for me knowing that I was *this* close to being able to continue with the Bourne story. The hubby promised me that we’d see it over the weekend, so I patiently waited.

In anticipation, I watched Bourne Identity and Bourne Supremecy to get me back in the loop. I’m so glad I did to since the storyline was a little hazy in my mind. I knew the main details, spy guy has dissociative amnesia with kinesthetic memories and everyone is trying to kill him. But really, I forgot what a great movie it was. I loved how the beginning of this movie started with the end (kinda) of the last one. That was cool, very cool.

I have to say though, as good as the movie was – and it was good – I’m feeling quite let down. I was hoping for a little more Nicky and a little more back story. I swore I knew that Nicky and Bourne would end up together, but not like this. I was hoping for more. And there is more, I just know it. They totally glossed over things when she said how it was “different” with him, back in the coffee shop.

So the good thing…I’m seeing one more movie!! Doesn’t mean it will happen, but dammit, if they want me to be happy and fulfilled here, they’ll do it. Most folks tend to find it surprising that I really love this genre – action films, spy flicks, hell if I know – especially when it’s done well. Really, even if this type of movie isn’t your thing, check it out, you won’t be disappointed. Just don’t sit too well or the speed chases and flying cars will freak you out (or it could just be me).

5 thoughts on “I Love Me Some Jason Bourne!

  1. Anna

    Glad you liked it, too! I loved it, and I wasn’t disappointed in the ending, although I was expecting more with Nicky after the coffee shop scene. Do you really think there will be another one? I’m all for that, but I think I would be satisfied in this one being the ending, too.

  2. KitKat

    I thought they did a great job with the story. And for the most part I’m satisfied with the end. But really, I’m telling you, there’s much more there with Nicky – you could always tell by how she was around him. And that comment in the coffee shop, yeah, not something that could be taken lightly.

    Those guys are too good with continuity to just let that drop. Did you catch how the end of Supremacy was the beginning of Ultimatum and how the phone call about his name and address (the final scene in Supremacy) wasn’t until the middle of this movie. Like Nicky has said, everything those agents do is intentional and I believe that’s true with the movies as well – so I’d like to believe that there’s one more movie left (not that I’ll double check this with the books, mind you).

    Then again, I saw all three pretty much back to back, and I doubt the average viewer did that so half of the “clues” and smaller storylines and whatnot would be lost.

  3. Nina

    I had to wait such a long time until the movie started here in Germany. But finally the day has come and I’m very happy with the ending. I really would have hated it if Nicky and Jason would have ended up together, that would not have been fair to Marie – it just has been few weeks since she has been killed. But they definitly have a background.

    By the way I always wondered what the american audience thought of Marie/Franka Potente – what’s your oppinion.

    Sorry for my poor english but writing is much more harder than just talking.

  4. KitKat

    Nina, Thanks for stopping by!! I agree, I think they did a great job on the ending. I’m just bummed that there wasn’t more of the history between Nicky and Bourne. I’d think, that whatever the history would be between those two, Bourne wouldn’t be able to start a relationship with Nicky. I think, like you said, he’s still pretty broken up about what “they” did to Marie (especially since this movie continued as if it was the very next day or so). I liked their relationship and was sad that she was killed off.

  5. Nina

    I’m very happy to hear that, I only know one american guy and he hates her .So I was kind of afraid that it might be a common oppinion.
    As far as I know, Bourne Ultimatum continues 6 weeks after his talk with Neskis daughter.(one more thing I like about the movies, you don’t get the feeling you miss something between the movies).
    By the way, do you know the alternate ending of Bourne Identity? I always have to cry (I know, pretty girly:) but it’s just so cute!

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