I’ve Got a Crush on You

Can I just say…

I’d do damn near anything to just listen to Kai Ryssdal. I’ll admit it, I’m not nearly as politically or economically informed as I should be. But let me just say, I love listening to Kai on Marketplace. He has the best speaking voice and he can tell a good story. Oh and when he laughs…


I also have a bit of a voice-crush on Leo Laporte from TWit. Yet another man with an incredible speaking voice and a way with words. Considering he talks all about techo-geek stuff, I can’t believe I enjoy listening to him so much. Then again, I usually learn quite a bit, just like with Kai. And well, I am just a geek at heart (read: geek poser).

What can I say, I not just about the sleazy blonds with big’ol fake boobies (I’m a huge Carmen Electra and Jenna Jameson fan – before Jenna got crazy skinny and had tad too much plastic surgery). I like my boy crushes to be as pleasing to my ears as I find my girl crushes to be to my eyes.

Really, I’m just a simple girl 😉

I assure you.

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