I’m Feeling Wings Though I’ve Never Flown

This past Monday the hubby and I saw Joss Stone at the Greek. Once again, she put on an incredible show. It was a bit disappointing in that she now has three albums out, yet only performed for an hour and barely played anything from her first two albums. But still a damn fine show with some great energy. .

This is now the third or fourth time we’ve seen her and each time, you just can’t help be awed by her. She is not only an incredible singer, but she also really seems to enjoy what she does. The first two times we saw her it was at the House of Blues; the first time for her debut album, Soul Sessions, the second (and I think the third as well) for Mind, Body and Soul. It’s interesting to see how on one hand, she’s matured (she started out at a mere 16) quite a bit and can really hold her own on stage. On the other hand, it’s still so obvious how much she loves performing, she still performs barefooted and she still seems genuinely sincere when she thanks the audience after each song.

My favorite part of a Joss show has to be when she starts cracking herself up. She gets started giggling about something or another and then can’t seem to reign herself back in which results in still more laughing. This happened quite often during our show. In fact, during one of the encores, right as she was getting ready to belt out the final word in the song (man, I wish the hubby would send me the set list already – I’ve done far too much youtubing to recall the song now), the audience started going wild. This of course, set her off in a fit of giggles and she couldn’t even get the final notes out; she turned her back to us, she covered her face with her hands, she covered her face with the scarf tied to her mic, and then finally, she just decided to close her eyes to finally finish. It was a great way to end the show.

If you ever get the chance to see her live, be sure to check it out (she has an AOL session – complete with the yummy Common duet – if you want to see more than a couple songs that I’ve highlighted below).

Here she is on the Late, Late Show at 17 singing Dirty Man (one of my favorite songs). You can see how young she is, yet how into the music she gets.
Here she is on the Late, Late Show at 17 singing Dirty Man (one of my favorite songs). You can see how young she is, yet how into the music she gets.

Here she is on an Italian TV show this past year. See how she’s flirty, laughing and seeming genuinely sincere as she thanks the audience, that’s typical for her performances (and I’m assuming that’s her boyfriend that she sings to in the audience since I’ve seen her go out to him in nearly every TV performance I found while looking for the best live perfomance)

And let’s not forget the absolutely killer Janis Joplin tribute with Melissa Etheridge from the ’05 Grammys. Man, I still tear up and get emotional during this clip. It’s that damn soulful.

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