Have I Mentioned That it’s HOT?!?

Yeah, and we’re not exactly thinking too straight either. Yesterday, when it was 103ish here, my friend and I drove deep into the San Fernando Valley where it was measuring 106 just to do a little shopping. Then today, gluttons for punishment that we are, we’re heading into the Palm Dessert where it’s currently 108ish to do some outlet shopping. The things I do to avoid crowds and search out the bargains. Yeesh!

Last night as we were driving home over the hill from Sunset Blvd to Ventura Blvd, as soon as we crested the hill and hit the valley, the temps went up about 10 degrees! Then later, when we finally turned off our AC unit (since it doesn’t cool the bedroom) at around 1:00AMish, there was only a one degree difference between inside the house at 82 and outside the house at 83.

Man, Valley living can really kind of suck. Especially in the late summer. If the smog doesn’t get you, the crazy summer heat will.

Okay, off to shop!

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