Singing Waiters? Could be Fun.

It sounded like a good idea at the time. In fact, I even enjoyed the first couple rounds of happy birthday (especially how they changed up the song for different tables). I even considered bringing my friend to Miceli’s for her birthday in a couple weeks. It could be fun, right?

Once they sat down and the piano and drums and starting singing show tunes, well, that was just a bit much for my tastes. And when our waiter wasn’t around to bring out our food while it was still hot because he was singing. Or when he brought out our salads after our entrees. Or how the music was so loud that we couldn’t even talk to each other. Well, let’s just say that it quickly stopped being fun.

Maybe I just don’t get it, but if you’ve got two locations and you brag that you’ve been in business since 1949, why does the food suck? It’s kind of hard to mess up Italian food. But when you charge the prices that you charge, and you brag about your history, is it just too much to ask for food that tastes good. Or service that doesn’t kinda suck? Maybe add on some extra busers or runners so the food actually arrives hot and the entire table isn’t left with empty glasses. Maybe apologize and offer up a free round of coffee or something when you deliver three late salads.

Next time, I say we head out to one of Mario Batali’s places instead. It might be loud, but I hear it’s good. And they don’t have singing waiters.

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