I’m Bored.

I’m going on day two of being stranded home, car-less. It’s nothing major, my car is just in the shop for some warranty work and some new belts. But since the hubby works late, we just drop the car off and pick it up before closing. So instead, I’m just hanging out here at home. Bored.

I spent most of yesterday on the phone working out our upcoming Vegas spa package and doing online research for the upcoming new experience. Of course, I could still be doing research and reading text and whatnot, but right now, I’m just relaxing. Bored.

I think I’m going to walk to the grocery store and hit up Starbucks in a bit. I think I just might be ready to embrace the pre-season, pumpkin spice latte. And hey, at least I’d be working off the latte considering it’s about 3 mile trip.

Now aren’t you glad I shared my boredom with you? Now you too can be bored silly just by reading along 😉

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