Trash TV – I’ll Admit it, I Watch it. Last Night, I LOVED it!

Let me start with saying a rousing Thank God!!! That psycho bitch Lacey is finally gone! There’s no way that Bret Michael’s couldn’t see what a nut job that girl was. Talk about producers staging things. The obviously kept her around just for “good TV.” But man, it was totally worth it. She’s a whack job.

And now, let’s move on to The Hills over on MTV. Elodie is my new best friend. Again, I’m sure it was totally edited and staged to come off the way it did. But man, that was awesome! They’ve got a great video of the awesomeness up on Gawker. Its so awesome, we watched it twice last night and then the hubby and I watched the clip again this morning. Good stuff, I tell ya!

So here’s a clip where the fine folks over at Canadian MTV are having a phone interview with my new BFF, Elodie. Come on, how could you not love this gal?!


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