Let’s Start Cooking…

I was poking around the ‘net (go figure) and stumbled on this awesome site called Startcooking.com. It’s part blog and part cooking video how-to’s. Her inspiration? Watching her husband make some videos for his website, she thought, “about all the people who are really smart, well educated and clueless about how to cook. I kept thinking “cooking” – “iPod” – “cooking” – “iPod.””

Now I’m not a bad cook. In fact, sometimes I really enjoy cooking and some times I cook well – other times, well, that’s a story for another day. But I’m also someone that seems to have trouble cooking some of the more basic things – rice and eggs come to mind.

I’ll admit it, I suck at anything egg related. I have no clue how to make a perfectly hard-boiled egg; I’m either too hard or too soft. I can’t seem to scramble eggs without them being runny and don’t even get me started on omelets. Needless to say, I don’t even bother with quiche or frittatas. But I don’t know, Kathy just makes it all seem so easy.

Kathy also has her how-to videos available on iTunes. They’re quick, simple and easy to follow along. Some, like boiling eggs are super quick, less than a minute, while others, like roasting a chicken or frying chicken cutlets can last as long as 3 minutes. Check it out, you might just learn something. I know I did!

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