It’s All in the Brows

I haven’t regularly tweezed my own brows for at least 3 or so years now.  I loved how quick and easy it was to get them waxed.  I’d make an appointment to get my hair done and while I was there, my brows as well.  Then I started on Retin A which left me without being able to wax.

So I can either go back to tweezing or try my hand at threading.  For the most part, threading works just fine.  But sadly, it hurts like a mofo.  With plenty of things going on over the next two weeks I was all prepared to get threaded.  Then I remembered the pain.  I decided that I just wasn’t in the mood for it and tweezed away.

It doesn’t look nearly as nice,  not nearly as polished.  But it’ll do.  And I was able to survive with very little pain.  This to me is a good thing – even if I am just a chicken shit.

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