There’s Always a First Time…

In the four Halloweens that we’ve lived here we’ve NEVER had Trick-or-Treaters. So this year, even though I had a coupon for free bag of anything, I decided to purchase nothing.

And yes, as one would only expect, the kids showed up – in costumes, no less! Luckily I had stopped by Trader Joe’s earlier in the day and picked up some 100-cal packs. Granted, I won’t be the favorite house on the street, but it’s better than nothing. At least the parents will have something to snack on!

I was so bad at the giving out thing that I totally forgot to comment on costumes!  Man, see what comes from hiding from trick-or-treaters for the past ten years?

I guess next year I go back to buying a bag of candy and hope the Griffster doesn’t devour it like he did our first year here (it was an entire back of Reese’s mini-cups – tinfoil and all!)


WooHoo!!! My first official NaBloPoMo post!! Let the games begin! 😀

1 thought on “There’s Always a First Time…

  1. Smarter Princess

    We’ve never had a trick or treater either, but I buy the candy anyway. If anything just to eat it myself. Plus, calories from halloween candy that you sneak from the bowl don’t really count, do they?

    I’d be psyched with the 100 cal packs btw!

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