Time to Find Some New Sorts

When I’m out of sorts, I’m just completely and totally out of sorts. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. Now that the boys are both home and the hubby is officially On Vacation (woohoo!) we pretty much had a laid back sort of day. The boys have just been snuggling up to each other (which says a lot considering the pupster is always afraid that the kitkat will get him) all day. And it took a while, but around 5:00PM we all finally got into bed for a little snuggle. And yes, I napped for about an hour. Which of course, didn’t help in the sorts department all too much.

A little while ago, the hubby decided that he needed to do a Costco run to pick up a cooler and a case of water for the bands he’ll be working with tomorrow. Of course, coolers are summer items in Costco-land, so none were to be found. But I’m getting ahead of myself in this rambling little story…the important part of the evening…first we stopped at Baja Fresh for dinner. All was fine and good, until we get to Costco, find a parking spot and head in. At this point I realize that I left my purse (!) at Baja Fresh. So we had to double back to pick it up. Since I called to let them know that I left it, they were waiting for me and handed it to me as soon as I walked up to the counter. The guy was so sweet, he said that he actually went into the restroom looking for me.

In my out of sorts daze, I was just about ready to say “it’s okay, it’s not like I left my cell phone behind” until I realized that the purse and all it’s occupants would cost about 5-10x as much as my cell phone would cost to replace. Don’t be alarmed, a huge chunk of that is the actual Coach purse along with my extensive lipstick collection – really, I’ve got it bad. Apparently, when I’m lacking in decent sleep, I’m way to out of it to keep track of the most basic things (or so it would seem).

And of course, the rest of the cooler and water search really isn’t important in this story any longer. So long story short…he found a cooler at the local sporting goods shop and will pick up water at the nearby grocery store. Wow, that really did make for a boring, lame-ass ending. Sorry.

Well, instead we can end things with a little gratitude…I’m grateful that all the boys are home tonight so we can get some good snuggling in before heading out again this weekend (wine country…yum!). I’m grateful that my purse, and all its occupants are safe and sound. I’m SO very grateful that my hubby can love me foibles and all and just shake his head and laugh at my (seemingly) brainless antics.

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