Reading is Sexy

Reading business books is sexier still, but I um, seem to have a bit too many books right now.

Not too long ago, I rediscovered the library. And then, joy of joy, I learned that you can request books and they’ll just deliver it to the branch of your choice! You don’t have to go beyond the front desk to get them!

Well, I’ve recently gotten into women in small business types of books. Once I hear about one, I go ahead and reserve it. Then I hear about another one and I reserve that one too. I (oh so wrongly) assume that since they’re currently loaned out that it will be a while until I see it. Yeah, not the case.

Not counting my current book club book (which I lent to a friend since we share a library system and all the books were checked out), I have five books out! One chick lit – Meg Cabot’s Queen of Babble, two on business – Ladies Who Launch and Rules for Renegades, one on blogging – The IT Girls Guide to Blogging with Moxie, and the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (at the recommendation of a friend). I also have two short and simple books on networking that I ordered from Amazon – The Savvy Gal’s Guide to Online Networking and Table Talk.

Yikes! When exactly will I be reading all of these books???  I’m halfway through Queen of Babble, a third of the way through LWL and just started the online networking book over lunch.  And did I mention that I just found three more books (!) while cruising around Amazon that I’ll probably be adding to my Christmas list?

Well, I’m nothing if not well read!  Good thing I enjoy reading, that’s for sure.  Sorry, must run, I’ve got some reading to do…

6 thoughts on “Reading is Sexy

  1. mama's got moxie

    oh, i wish i had time to read… or maybe i do since i now seem to fit in time to read blogs!!  i dare not venture into a library or bookstore until i’ve read all of the books that i already own. but i do want to pick up the blogging w/moxie book. hey, who doesn’t wanna blog w/moxie?? ha!!

  2. Speedy Canizales

    lurve the LAPL system of reserving books online – isn’t it fantastic?  Gone are the days of paying too much for a book that you may not care for.  The only catch with LAPL is that there is a wait for more popular books (seems like my book club is in sync with what everyone WANTS to read), so I’ve had to break down and buy the book once or twice. 

    But otherwise, great program!  Now if only they could deliver books to my house, I’d be set!

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