I Need a Plan

I have over 300 blog posts to read!! *eek*  That’s not counting the few I’ve already read or the shopping/product related ones that I’ve already deleted!  I guess a lot goes on in a week.  Thankfully we’re no longer on daily posts, so it’s really only a couple posts from each person that I’m behind.  But still, that adds up y’all! (I feel so Britney today)

So hopefully, in between housecleaning and doing laundry (a butt load of sheets – thank goodness they’re all white!) I’ll catch up with everyone.  Though I can’t make any promises for witty or thought-provoking comments ;-)

While running errands this morning, I made sure to smile a lot and thank anyone that I spoke with.  I even shocked the guy at Borders when I wished him a great weekend.  Yay, for thanks!

Michelle – you can buy the Boots’ Olive, Almond and Sage Wonderbalm at CVS and at Target (both carry the Boots line now).  It’s a small jar over in the “Mediterranean” section.  Don’t be surprised if it’s sold out, it’s that good!

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