Christmas Comes Early to the Kit Kat Lounge

Well, I’ve gotten a couple Open Me Now sort of Christmas gifts and thought I’d just rave about them…

Philosophy’s Home for the Holidays – a yummy smelling three pack of Philosophy’s 3-in-1 holiday soaps: Double Rich Hot Cocoa (OMG this is divine!), Hot Apple Cider (I haven’t tried this one ye, but man does it smell good!) and Cinnamon Buns. I just love their product packaging…hello, it comes with recipes right there on the bottle! Having never tried any of their 3-in-1 products before I have to say, it’s some impressive and sudsy stuff. The scent lasted throughout the day as well, though very, very subtle.

Jo Malone Perfume – I’ve been eyeing a perfume or five from Jo Malone for the past year. I fell in love with her Orange Blossom but just couldn’t bring myself to pay the price (since I work from home and don’t use perfume all that much). Then again, I wasn’t totally sure I would be happy with Orange Blossom (indecisive, I know). Well, my friend decided to get me not only the Orange Blossom, but also the Jasmine and Mint (great holiday promo). OMG, divine! Both sell great alone, but smell even more amazing when combined. Wow! Now I’m thinking I might just need to splurge and buy the Wild Fig & Cassis. And well, maybe some shower gel and body lotion too. Uh oh…I feel an addiction coming on…a very, very expensive addiction I fear.

Enstrom’s Almond Toffee – Oh.My.God! Holy Hell, this is the best toffee I think I have ever had! It was a gift from Herbie and his wife for working with them this past year. Who knew it would be so incredible considering I’m not a fan of toffee. I mean this stuff is so good, you need to lock it up! Yes, I think I’ve eaten a huge chunk of the box and it only arrived two hours ago. How embarrassing, I know. But really, it’s THAT good!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Comes Early to the Kit Kat Lounge

  1. Geggie

    Oh!  I love Jo Malone!  Her candles are magnifique and so expensive.  I too, work from home most of the time and don’t wear perfume often.  (As evidenced by the lack of undergarments and presence of PJ bottoms.)  Although I do love, love the fragrance by Juicy Couture, it’s fabulous…I got it last Christmas.

  2. Jess

    I’ve been tempted to try the Jo Malone and just haven’t gotten around to it. Is the Orange Blossom sweet and orangey, or sharp?

  3. Kat

    Jess – it’s not nearly as sweet as I thought it would be, but I’d say it’s much softer and orange blossomy than sharp. Same with the White Jasmine & Mint.  Both are quite subtle.

    Geggie – I can most definitely relate as my WAH wardrobe is embarrassing.  I live in yoga pants and rarely get out of my PJs until after noon at least.  Sad, I know, but aside from racking in the big bucks, I wouldn’t change a thing!

  4. cynematic

    ummmmmm, Jo Malone orange blossom is dee-vine! i love that it was inspired by a winter trip to "a famous beverly hills hotel" (or so the marketing goes).

  5. Jess

    I've been tempted to try the Jo Malone and just haven't gotten around to it. Is the Orange Blossom sweet and orangey, or sharp?

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