I Wish I’d Ventured Out Today

But more to the point, I wish my shopping partners-in-crime were around (the hubby is not a fan of shopping or browsing or hell, just stepping foot anywhere near a store or mall).  Today was one of those beautiful LA days, warm, blue skies and sunny – you know, very un-Christmas-like.  And maybe because of all of this, it turns out our local outdoor shopping venues were all dead.  Little did I know that this would have been the perfect time to kidnap the hubby and just stroll around and admire the holiday decorations and general fa la la-ery.

I’ve heard locals talk about the empty and peaceful time where the streets are devoid of darn near anyone, but I thought it was just a myth.  Turns out this only happens once a year, starting the weekend prior to Christmas.  In the actual city of LA. Rumor has it, once Christmas is over, they all come back and the madness continues full force.  Over here on our side of the hill, you know the Valley, you don’t notice this as much.

Our grocery stores are (and were) insane, even today.  And don’t even get me started about the insanity that is Costco.  Thankfully, I was able to hop on in, pick up our photos and get back to the my hubby in the car – he didn’t even make it past the main road by the time I came out.  Too bad we have to go back again tomorrow since he accidently printed the wrong family photo.  Heck, even our local K-Mart ended up on the news for the lines of last minute shoppers.

I’d drag the hubby out to the Grove tomorrow night, but wouldn’t you just know it, there’s no snow (bubbles) scheduled for tomorrow.  Talk about bah humbuggin’.

Happy Holidays!!

2 thoughts on “I Wish I’d Ventured Out Today

  1. Kat

    Hey Dawn, thanks for stopping by.  While I didn’t enjoy a hot toddy, I did go for the Jack & Coke 😉  Hope your day was great as well!

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