Now We Have to Worry About Gmail too!

David Airey went away on vacation for a bit with his sweetie.  He made sure to notify his clients, tidy up his business obligations and even took the time to tell his blog readers that he’d be away enjoying his vacation for a bit.  While he was gone, the very day he left, in fact, someone hacked into his gmail account and stole his website/blog.  At this point, they’re still holding his site for ransom!

Who knew that someone could hack into Gmail, change filters and basically just take over someone’s business.  You better believe I’ll be getting in the habit of regularly checking my filters, redirects and accounts (I probably have 10 addresses running through my gmail).  Take a moment to read his story, it might save you down the road.

Now me,  I just need to get better at closing my gmail tab.  Of course now that I’m using a beta Firefox I don’t have my Google toolbar.  How’s a gal to know when she has email?!?!

2 thoughts on “Now We Have to Worry About Gmail too!

  1. Geggie

    Is this considered a true crime?  I hope so.  If someone broke into his bricks and mortar business and stole things he’d go to jail.  The same should happen to this guy. 

  2. Kat

    Geggie – Scary stuff, I know.  I don’t know the legalities behind it, but he’s being pretty firm in no paying the blackmailers.

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