LWL: Week 1 Homework

So this being the first week with the Ladies Who Launch Incubator program, we of course, have some homework.  Aside from writing a Best Biz Ever sort of vision for our fellow incubator-ees, we have some personal things to focus on…

First: We need to work on cleaning up the junk.  By organizing, cleaning and clearing up the things that junk up our lives, we’re able to create a space for new things to come into our lives.   I’ve been gung-ho on this.  I cleaned the kitchen yesterday (my stove top was a Mess!).  I also finally got around to throwing out the box chuck-full of Christmas wrapping paper – in my defense, we only have small trash bins and my landlord hates to bring out anything that isn’t full so I had to wait my turn (or in this case MAKE my turn).  I also cleared off my monster of a desktop.  Amazingly, I can see things on my desk now and I have plenty of room to move around without any fear of knocking piles over.

Today I plan on focusing on cleaning out the rest of this office.  We have stacks of magazines that need to be filed and believe it or not, cases of wine that need to be relocated and stored.   With luck, I can also get to some bedroom organizing as well.  I’m one of those that hates to put away folded laundry.  Instead, I stack.  And stack.  And stack some more until well, I’m seasons (and sizes) behind in my available wardrobe and there’s no room for anything.

Second:  We need to do something good for ourselves daily.  While I’d love for that to mean daily massages, facials, manis & pedis, well, it just can’t be.  Instead, I’ve been spending time reading and finding time to watch my favorite (often cheesy) TV shows. I’ve also decided to get back into blogging (I was really missing it).  Yesterday, while getting this blog up and running, I just out and out decided to treat myself to a Venti Caramel Macchiato – sometimes it just tastes so good to have something a little sweet. I’ve also decided to focus more on cooking good meals in instead of eating crap meals out.  It’s all a start right?

Third: We need to acknowledge the forward movement and accept what comes into our lives.  By following through with steps 1 and 2, new things can’t help but come on in. I mean, we’ve gone through all that energy to create a space for it, right?  The biggest (and right now, most important) thing that I’ve noticed these past two days is that we once again have ad revenue coming in.  It seemed like things were blocked there for a bit, but once again, we’re flowing.

I’ve also noticed that I just feel better.   I’m no longer anxious (it was a challenging past couple of weeks) and amazingly, I’m no longer craving junk.  I’m actually wanting to eat well and grab fruit instead of tearing up the apartment looking for chocolate.  Interestingly, I also have some blogging friends that I had lost touch with shooting me emails asking how things are going and wondering where I had disappeared to.  What a great feeling.

I’m really excited to see what else will be coming my way.

3 thoughts on “LWL: Week 1 Homework

  1. Jenn

    Great to hear you’re already having such positive movement in week 1 of the Incubator. It’s a fantastic process. I look forward to hearing more!

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    Jenn – I’m just amazed how much forward movement I’ve got going on. This has been such a wonderful experience thus far.

  3. Jenn

    Great to hear you're already having such positive movement in week 1 of the Incubator. It's a fantastic process. I look forward to hearing more!

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