Super Quick…

I’m home.  I got home late – and I do mean late, like 3:30AM kind of late, on Friday.  Overall, the trip went well and was quite uneventful.  I was able to get my father set up on every service possible (or at least we applied for those services).  I spent mass amounts of money getting him stocked up on food and other things that he needed around the house.  And I was lucky enough to be able to meet not only one of his doctors (at least until he gets on Medicaid), but also his physical therapist.  So basically, I did all that I was able to do.

I was also lucky enough to be able to visit with friends.  Which of course, was exactly what I needed in the midst of all this chaos.  So that part was great. And I got a couple of fun photos while I was away.  I’ll post those once I get a chance.

Now, I’m just lying about like a slug, trying to shake this wracking cough and cold that I seem to have picked up (my understanding is that it’s taken at least GA, CO and NM by storm – all the shelves of cough medicine are empty it’s so bad).  And as great as it is to be home, I’m just a little saddened that I can’t kiss my husband since I don’t want to give it to him.  But the boys are sticking close and offering up snuggles, so that’s nice.

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