I just received a bill for $1250 from my doctor’s office. For 2006!!! Yes, it was a batch of bills that was 2 years late. Odd thing, it didn’t show any insurance payments. So I did what anyone would do and called to question it.

First, the billing lady was nothing but attitude and well, that’s just rude. It’s not like I’m trying to skip out on a bill. This is the first that I’d even heard of it. Second, she tells me that the insurance company denied it because of my “student status”. Huh? I haven’t been a student since ’02 and even then, it was grad school as an adult, not a dependent. She proceeds to tell me that I need to settle things with my insurance company or pay up – again, nothing but attitude.

So of course, I called my insurance company (luckily, they hadn’t yet closed for the day). I explain to them the situation, they double check the claim dates and tell me that each claim was denied because the last name was missing. Huh? I think what might have happened, is that they have my (at least back in ’06) as having a hyphenated name. Whereas my hubs listed me on his insurance using only my married name. Needless to say, billing lady was still a bitch and insurance folks were very helpful.

On a related note…I finally broke down and bough a sinus rinsing thingie (not a neti pot, but a squeeze bottle contraption). I figured I was beginning to have far too many sinus infections for my tastes. Then there was the fact that I seemed to have a continual post-nasal thing going on (I’m big on the TMI today – sorry). Let me just say, it’s not the most uncomfortable thing and I’m sure it will get easier as I get used to it – but man, not what I expected. It’s not nearly as shocking as pool water up the nose (that just burns), but still odd. That said, I do feel a bit better already. Now if I could manage to get rid of my sickie-head, dazed feeling I’ll be doing much better.


Update from the billing lady:  turns out the person she spoke to said my claims were denied because they didn’t have a gender down for me.  Huh?  A pelvic examine and basic female-bloodwork was denied!!!  Meanwhile the folks I spoke with at the insurance company said again, that it was denied because the last name was missing/incorrect (he even pulled up an image to verify what was given).   Whatever.

3 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. Betty

    I am very interested in how that nasal thingy suits you. I keep walking by those Neti Pots in Whole Foods. I am a fan of non-medicinal remedies but water up the nose seems like something you are taught NOT TO DO.

    Keep us posted, will you?

  2. Geg

    So annoying with the insurance. Hope it gets worked out.

    I have a neti pot and a Sinu-Med (or whatever it’s called thingy) and the squeezy bottle is definitely easier to use. You’ll get used to it. It’s something that you feel an immediate difference from. Here’s my TMI…I’ve had things the size of small kittens come out when using it…sinus infections…nice!

  3. LA Blogger Gal

    Betty – I’ll let you know how it goes. I did it twice last night and I felt a difference. The annoying post-nasal thing seemed less annoying. Check back Monday or so and I’ll give another update (but do feel free to visit more often *grin* I like to think that I’m a cool chick!!) 😉

    Geggie – I bought the NeilMed Sinus Rinse bottle. It just looked easier than the neti. I used it twice yesterday and already feel a big difference. Nothing too gross has come out yet. But um, is it weird that I’d love to actually see something come out? I mean, then you know it’s working, right? Yeah, I’m a dork and I know it.

    With all the traveling that you do how do you manage to not catch everything? I start with a simple cold and it always seems to morph into a sinus infection and then, if I let it go on (hoping to avoid the antibiotics) it morphs again into a chest thing (long enough and it’s walking pneumonia) – yeah, I’ve been through this a time or two *shrug*

    Do you bring your bottle with you? It seems that the last 3-4 times I’ve flown, I’ve caught something. And then, well, see above.

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