BlogHer Conference Anyone?

Is anyone planning to go to the BlogHer Conference this July?  It’s in San Francisco, so I kind of feel that I should go.  I was about a week off last year for the Chicago one – not that I signed up or anything, I just happened to be at the same hotel as some of the BlogHer gals.  Reading all the blogs though, it sounded like they all had so much fun.

I did the SXSWi BlogHer dinner last year and well, I was a little disappointed.  While I get that so many bloggers know so many other bloggers, it still felt like I was on the outside of some cool clique looking in.  Thing is, I’ll talk to anyone about anything.  So for me to say something about that crowd (or at least that part of the crowd that I met), that’s really kind of saying something.

Because of that outsider feel, I really don’t want to go to BlogHer by myself.  But this years theme of “Reach!” sounds right up my alley since my main focus and goal this year is to increase my site’s blog presence.  Here’s what they have to say about it…

Our 2008 conference focuses on a central theme: Reach! As BlogHers, you’re commanding an ever-growing online presence, but what is the true extent of your reach (and your message)? Is your reach something you need better defined, or something you’re looking to expand exponentially? If you believed that your blog could do anything, what would you reach for?

So is anyone considering going?  Has anyone gone in the past?  Has anyone hooked up with a roommate through the event coordinators?  So many questions I know, but pre-registration is nearly over and they pretty much expect to be sold-out shortly after pre-reg.

1 thought on “BlogHer Conference Anyone?

  1. Rebecca

    I was thinking about going, but I’m not really sure what it’s all about. I don’t really have a blog that reaches a ton of people, or that has the type of content that would attract a ton of people. Plus, I probably can’t afford it. But it does sound like fun!

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