Yup, Still Sick (or so it would seem)

I just finished my 10-day round of antibiotics and well, my sinuses are SO much better, but dammit if I’m not still sick. With something different, at that. I’ve been craving a latte for nearly 2 weeks now – since first getting sick. I caved last night and finally drank one. Of course, I woke up this morning with a sore throat and feeling all floaty-headed (surely it can’t be the latte, I know that much). I’ve got an appointment in a bit with my doctor.

In other news, I feel crazy busy. Mind you, that’s crazy busy in a good way. I’m still following up with ladies about the blogging workshop I did on Monday all while getting ready for my next workshop next Wednesday. The cool news, just from Monday’s workshop alone I’ve been invite to lead another workshop in Orange County and another in Santa Barbara. This is awesome!! I’m telling you, Ladies Who Launch is an awesome organization.

Also, have any of you ever purchased an ebook – downloadable, PDF book? I’ve got a couple ideas that are running around in my head and I’m considering using the ebook platform. If you have purchased one, can I ask what the topic might have been? The price? The length of the book? Did you feel it was worth the money spent? Just wondering and trying to gather as much information as possible right now.

Before I sign off…remember that there’s still time to join the Ultimate Blogging Party on the 7th – 14th. Just click on the pretty pink banner there to the right for more information. Hope to be partying with you next week! 😉

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