Calling All Artists, Designers and Other Creative Artsy Folks

One of the blogs I read is Adventures in Illustrations – she’s relatively new to blogging, but a very creative artist.  She blogs about the ins and outs of etsy business and school.  Speaking of school, she has a project that she needs a little help with.

I’ll let her explain it herself…

I’m still dedicated to this project, but I desperately need your help. If you’re an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, or crafts person (or know someone who is) please please please send me your business cards!!! If you read yesterday’s blog, you’ll know I even have a contest running right now for people who get their cards to be before March 18th.

Some folks have been asking if it’s ok to just e-mail me a digital file of their business card, and the answer is YES!!! It’s totally fine. I just got a professional-grade printer this week, so your cards will print up beautifully on my end. Just send ’em. If you want to go the snail-mail route and need an address, just e-mail me at honeydewstudio{at}gmail and I’ll happily send it to you. You can also send me your digital files at the above e-mail address. 

I don’t comment much over there, so I doubt she even knows who I am.  I’m just a gal trying to help out another gal.  No need to mention any names.  But please, if you can, send her a biz card, or an electronic file of one.  Karma is a good thing 😀

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