Songs Birds Serenade Us to Sleep

We noticed it for the first time last night, beautiful bird songs after we turned off SNL.  Funny thing, we all noticed it at once, including the boys.  Then they started up again tonight around 11:30 PM.  Again, both boys lifted their heads to listen and then looked to us as if to say “huh? What’s that?”

See, we don’t even have song birds during the day. We have pigeons.  We have crows.  From time to time we even have ducks and doves.  Oh and once I saw a hawk or a falcon or some bird eating prey in our front yard (we’re close enough to the mountains).  But nope, no song birds here.  At least until now, that is.

I don’t know what made it so sudden.  I don’t know why we’ve never heard them before.  But I will say, it’s the most amazing and peaceful sound – something to be thankful for.  The calls change up and I can’t really tell if there’s more than one or just one looking for their mate.  But either way, it’s beautiful.  And yet another thing to love about living in SoCal (in NM, we had roadrunners and well, they didn’t even say “meepmeep”).

Wishing you all beautiful songs to serenade you to sleep or equally beautiful songs to wake you each day…

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