I Love My Doctor

She actually just called me personally to tell me that we need to do some bloodwork (at the request of the insurance company) for my thyroid. Come on, what doctor does that? She didn’t pass the call off to her staff. Nope, she called me personally. Just another reason to love my doctor!

And totally unrelated…but when did we stop getting real mail?  All I get now on most days is piles and piles of junk mail.  You know, the stupid sales papers, postcards to bridal fairs and other wedding crap (it doesn’t seem to matter that I’ve been married four years now, someone must’ve recently sold my info), and other variations of junk and crap.  I want real mail dammit!

1 thought on “I Love My Doctor

  1. Surfergrrl

    geez, it seems everyone i know is getting their tryroid checked these days…me included. is there something in the LA water?

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