My Twitter is Sick

It’s just not working the way it should and it’s been down (for the second time in two days) for the past couple of hours now.

How am I supposed to tell people that it’s in the 90’s, we’re due to be in the 100’s tomorrow and the coolest room in our house is i the 80’s?

How am I supposed to ask for help with making some vector file thing out of my logo?

What about needing to rant about how I fit into three different sized pants at three different stores?  For the record, I’m claiming that I fit best in the smallest size, of course (oh the vanity!)

And what about asking for input on whether I should do my regularly schedule girl’s night next week or do some networking over happy hour with Peter Shankman and his crowd while he’s in Pasadena instead? I’m leaning towards the happy hour.

What’s a gal to do?

Maybe I could read some. Or catch up on my blogs (yes, I’m behind…again!). Or I could watch Namesake. Or even just nap and rest my weary eyes (sounds lame, but my migraines usually start with my eyes). Or I don’t know…maybe I could actually work.

My poor Twitter, I do hope you feel better soon.

3 thoughts on “My Twitter is Sick

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    Ivanhoe – good point!  I knew there was a reason I kept this old thing day after day 😉  Hope your weekend  is going well.

    Peter – I plan to be there!  I figure I never know when I’d ever have the opportunity to meet this gang otherwise so it can’t be a wrong choice.

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