Must be Quick

I’m heading out the door in a few minutes. Yes, you’re eyes are NOT deceiving you, it is indeed merely 8:00Am here in the hot San Fernando Valley.  My widget tells me to expect 102 today. Yikes!

Well lucky for me, I’ll be out wine tasting in Temecula.  Mmmmm….wine.  It’s a shuttled trip with a friend from LWL.  So basically, we can drink more than we might otherwise and know that we have at least a two hour commute (no traffic) until we get back in front of our cars.  Should be fun.

I’m bringing my camera, so hopefully I can get some fun shots. Funny thing, I’ll be up in Sonoma in a few days for still more wine.  Yum!  You better believe that NO bottles of wine will be coming home with me (today).

And speaking of cameras…I went to the Crowded House show last night at the Orpheum.  The Orpheum is one of LA’s art deco style theaters.   Absolutely gorgeous.  We actually hung out afterwards looking around and taking pictures.  So woohoo, looks like I’ll have some fresh Wordless Wednesday material…finally.

The show was quite good as well.  The guys were in great form playing off of each other and the audience.  I did realize though, Crowded House is much like Toad the Wet Sprocket for me.  I love them, and will always recognize their songs, but…I can rarely sing along since I like to listen to them while doing other things.  They have great background noise and perfect for driving (not necessarily singing).

Okay, time to head out.  Hope you guys have a great Saturday and those of you here in SoCal, stay cool!

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  1. Dawn

    I have friends that live in Orange County. Last Summer when I was visiting on vacation, they took me wine-tasting for the first time in Temecula. Such a cool experience!

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