I’m So Over Poo

I have spent a good part of this week cleaning up doggie diarrhea each morning.  Off the carpet.  Not counting the times we came home at night and I had to clean up poo yet again.  Off the carpet.  I’m so over it.  My Folex is doing a shitty job (pardon the expression) of getting it all up.  So now lucky us, our living room smells like crap…seriously.  Needless to say, I do believe I’ll be renting a steam cleaner this week (watch it get in the 100’s).

Last night was the first night we came home (from the last minute decision to attend a kick ass Brad Paisley show with filled to the brim with hottie little, OC drunks all around) that was poop free.  This morning was the first morning that I woke up to no poo!  Rejoice!  Mind you, the cat must’ve felt badly that I didn’t have anything to clean up and kindly left me a big ‘ol, messy hairball to clean up after.  At least the Folex worked on that.

Tonight, we’re off to the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Bowl.  Herbie’s performing and we have box seats.  It should be a fun night.  He’s got some great musical guests lined up.  Luckily he’s the second to last act to perform so it won’t be crazy hot when we get there.  Of course that also means we’ll be around more, all day long, well seasoned and sunned drunks *sigh*

Two straight nights of drunks and I just might be swearing off alcohol.  At least they shouldn’t be falling down and rolling down the grassy knoll known as “lawn seats” tonight (seriously, we moved as far away from the dancing drunks as we could last night or I’d probably be typing this up from the hospital after getting my toes surgically re-attached).

Hope all you dads have a great Father’s Day today!

2 thoughts on “I’m So Over Poo

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    Hey Geg!  The little guy is doing much better, but the carpet is still stained.  I’m going to give the stains one more go this week and then rent a steamer.

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