Let’s Get Writing

I’ve been asked by our LWL leader extraordinaire to write up some how-to articles for the LWL online magazine.  We’re thinking to focus on the various, mainstream social media outlets and write up some basic tutorials. She’s hoping that I can write one piece a week starting in July. This won’t be such a bad thing, though the pressure along could likely do me in (lol, nothing like being under pressure to get a gal to write).  The good thing, when all is said and done, I just might have a little ‘ol ebook already written and read to go.

First up, Twitter.  Any suggestions, advice or things for me to consider when starting with the most basics of basics?

3 thoughts on “Let’s Get Writing

  1. MissAttitude

    You should make sure you include how you can reply on the web, from blackberry (TwitterBerry I believe) and text.  Agrees with comment above about tiny urls, that confused me at first.  Also I’d include about how to use TwitPic to send pictures.

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