Weather Can Affect Migraines: Or So They Say

Did you know in Germany they have a phoneline you can call to get updates on the weather and how it will affect your migraines?  I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or not.  I’d be afraid that I’d start having more migraines since I the weather says that I should.  Yeah, not such a good idea – at least for me (though I do love my emailed pollen/allergy alerts during allergy season).

But something has been going on this past week, I’ll give you that.  First off, my snow-predicting elbow (that I broke about 10 years ago) has been aching something fierce.  And well, I’m more than a little confident that we’ll not be having any snow in the near future here in the San Fernando Valley any time soon.  Come to think of it, my snow-predicting elbow isn’t really all that useful here in SoCal much at all (though I can predict snow in the mountains).

More annoying than the aching elbow though is the migraine-that-isn’t-quite-yet-a-migraine. Meaning that for the past week, I’ve had the early twinges of a migraine that well, never came to be.  One might think that this is a good thing.  Sadly, when it just keeps dragging on and on, but isn’t quite enough to pop a pill, it’s just annoying instead – in a dull aching kind of way.  And well, there’s no real escape from it either.

So weather, if you’re listening, how ’bout a change? Maybe some rain?  Or better yet, a heavy downpour?  I know the folks up north dealing with those fires would sure appreciate it.  As would I.  And my elbow, come to think about it.  Or well, just let things turn into a migraine already so I can just take my pills and be done with it.

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