I Finally Did It!!!

I finally took the leap and set up my first paid seminar!  I’m so excited.  I have to figure out how much to charge for it now and write up the actual outline.  Since it’s a bring your own laptop kind of session, it won’t really take all that much creativity to write it up.

I teach regular classes on how to utilize social media and blogging for businesses.  For the most part, the group of women that I work with all get that they should blog, but all talk about how they have so little time and have no idea what to talk about.  As startup solopreneurs, they also tend to balk at paying someone (again) to work on their website or to install a blog on their site.

This workshop will require that they all bring their own laptops and we’ll walk through together, step by step, how to create a blog.  In the end, they will finally have their blog, understand what widgets are, set up their RSS feeds and, the best part, walk out of there with 5-10 (or more) topics that they can sit down and start writing about.  It’s guaranteed to get them started, no excuses.  If we’ve all set them up and can find the time to write in them, then so can they.

Told you guys I’ve been busy working this week!  And I’m not done yet…

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