Silly Winter-Related Question…

Does your man wear any winter weather paraphernalia, you know, hats, scarves, gloves, etc.?  Now that winter stuff is finally in the stores, I’m trying to finish up our Ireland shopping.  For the hubs though, I’m kind of stuck on his accessories, so to speak.

Here in Southern California, it doesn’t get all that crazy cold.  And when it is cold, well, you’re not in it all that long.  But in Ireland, I’m assuming we’ll be outside quite a bit more and that it will be quite a bit colder, and more wet, than here.  So the hubs needs some supplies.

Right now he has a cheap ass pair of Old Navy gloves that I bought for myself (and are way to big) to wear when we go walking at night.  But that’s it.  No scarf, no hat, nothing.  So what do fashionable, yet normal, men wear in the cold?  Anything I can get here at Kohl’s or any other basic store?

Mind you, this is SO not a problem for me.  One, I love scarves and have plenty to choose from.  Two, I already bought two hats and still have two other hats here already (I get cold easily, what can I say).  I have earmuffs too, but that’s just for when we walk during the winter.

Man, I miss winter weather…

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