Yikes, I Feel Like I’ve Disappeared Here

It’s not true though, I assure you.  I’ve just been a little busy with business stuff.  I was invited to a brainstorming session for a friend’s upcoming business on Sunday.  I had another brainstorming dinner for another friend’s business challenges on Tuesday.  And had a power business lunch today which including still more brainstorming.  Gotta love it!

OMG, even in the middle of writing this, only four sentences in and it’s an hour later and I’ve managed to do 3 other things.  Insane!

Okay, back to the point at hand…I might not be around all that much in the upcoming weeks.  Or more accurately, I’ll be around, though it will more than likely be sporadic and filled with random thoughts (yeah, not all that different, I know, I know).

I’ve got a lot going on with coordinating the upcoming giveaways for my site and the corresponding product.  Not to mention the correspondence itself.  I want this to go well for so many reasons and I think I can make some great connections.  Five packages came today already!  Oh and lesson learned…get dressed ASAP now since it’s no fun having to get the “attack” dog away from the FedEx guy whilst in a robe and my hair in a towel!

In the meantime, I’m also working on my business and working on getting a lot of writing completed.  I might even start my book proposal before the year is out (depending on how much time the giveaway-palooza goes).  I also have some interviews I’d like to get done sooner rather than later.

I’ve also decided that now is the perfect time to start doing speaking engagements!  Yeah, what the hell have I been smoking?  I wonder that myself.  Let’s just chalk it all up to forward movement and great attracting and leave it at that 😉

And lastly, we have the amazing Ireland trip to look forward to.  At least with this distraction you’re bound to get some amazing, photos, right?

On that note, I must get started on dinner.  The hubs should be home shortly.

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