Let the Countdown Begin!

Holy cow, where have these past two weeks gone?!?  I can’t believe that we’re leaving for Ireland in less than two weeks!!!  I totally don’t feel ready yet.  I mean here we are going to a different country and outside of booking our lodging, I have no idea what we’ll actually be doing (um…besides drinking and taking pictures, that is!)

Let me just say, it was awfully ambitious of me to think that I could 1) run a month’s worth of breast cancer survivor stories over at ConstantChatter, 2) run a two-month long, giveaway-a-day extravaganza again over at ConstantChatter, and 3) shop, plan and pack for a 10-day international trip.  What the hell was I smoking?!?!?! And of course, every other day the hubs thinks of yet another thing I need to take care of before we leave.

I haven’t read a blog in about three weeks now.  I’ve yet to post anything in my biz blog for over a week now (so bad, so bad).  I haven’t written a biz newsletter (I blame the hubs for this one since he has to finish my “design” using the new HTML-based provider).  I haven’t washed clothes for two (going on three) weeks.  I haven’t vaccumed in probably just as long.  Luckily, I have cooked some pretty good meals and done the dishes.

But lordy, even our weekends have been busy with plans.  This Sunday we’ll be at the Kodak for BB King’s Monk Institute thing (rumor has it Edge & Bono will be hanging with BB and doing “When Love Comes to Town” – can’t wait!).  I’m really looking forward to the party afterwards, even if I probably won’t get to meet or even see BB, Bono or Edge.  I never saw Sting at Herbie’s Monk Institute thing last year.  I’ll be sure to bring my camera along though just in case.

Okay enough time wasting here.  I still have to get the first 21 days worth of contests pre-published and launched by Wednesday of next week.  If I take on 5 a day, I’ll be done by Monday…here’s hoping.  That will leave me a couple more days to pre-publish some blog posts (for my biz and the ConstantChatter blog) and to pack.  It could happen.

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