I Survived Voting and the Freebies

Or more importantly…I survived my free Starbucks coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts.  Voting was a piece of cake.  No parking, but no lines.   They found me right away, checked me off and sent me (and my CA Props cheat sheet) on my way.  I can’t stand those shakey voting booths, but it is a super easy process.

With my “I Voted” sticker I headed on over to one of the local Starbucks with the line wrapping around the store.  Really, I think the last time I saw this place so crowded, they were hosting the area job fair.  They were ready though…had hot cups of coffee ready to hand you as soon as they saw your sticker.  I will say, it’s the first time I’ve tried their Pike’s Blend and it was much smoother than their other coffees, but still a tad bitter for my tastes.

From there, I headed down the parking lot to the Krispy Kreme.  Their parking lot was insane, but there wasn’t much of a line.  It was funny to see so many folks enjoying their patriotic donut with their Starbucks coffee (especially since they have a Coffee Bean at this location).  But boy howdy, an original glazed donut with frosting and sprikles is just TOO much.  If it wasn’t for the caffeine, I’m sure I’d be napping by now.

Did you know that in NYC and Seattle, they’re giving away free silver bullet vibrators or Maverick sleeves (for men) over at Babeland?  And here in Beverly Hills, you can get half off of Botox.  Now that’s another way to feel good after voting!

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