No Castles or Forts Yet to be Seen

Well, that’s not entirely honest.  We did see a castle, or at least the outline of a castle in the dark of the rainy, evening sky as we drove to Galway.  We were also near a castle or two in Killarney – again, while in the rain, as evening was quickly approaching.  I do have it on good authority, that there is a castle a short (ha!) drive out of Dublin that we can visit easily.

Let me just say, I knew that it would be rainy in November.  I knew that the day would be shorter in November.  But I didn’t realize until we looked it up last night that sunrise is 8:30ish and sunset is 3:45ish.  Um…that’s only about eight hours.  Now add in some rain…okay a LOT of rain…and the day is shorter still.  No wonder we’re not able to see all that much.  We’re typically back at the room around 6:30 or so with a short nap and then out to dinner and the pub around 9:30 or so.  So yeah, the moral of the story, no castles and ruins for us yet.  But there’s always tomorrow (and the next four days in Dublin and Belfast).

Of course, it didn’t help that the hubs seems to have come down with a pretty nasty cold (and to think, we thought I’d be the one to catch something that would turn into an infection of sorts).  So basically, we spent today in the room.  We did venture out to visit the pharmachemist to get some cold/flu meds and then some fish and chips for lunch.  But otherwise, I’ve just been reading and forcing the hubs to inhale EmergenC and ginger tea.

Interestingly enough, he’s not complaining about the vacation.  I guess to him, as long as he gets some good music, good drinks (be it beer or his new sickly favorite, hot whisky), good food, and time to just relax away from the office it’s a good vacation for him.

On that note, I’m off to my next book while the hubs naps some more.  Poor guy, he was up half the night tossing and turning.

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