Let’s Help a Young Gal Out

You may or not remember, but a goodly amount of our time in Ireland, my husband was working on some pretty important stuff.  Well, it’s now come to the point where I can share the details.  My husband’s site, in conjunction with Taylor Swift’s team have come up with an awesome contest.

Last month, young fans were invited to post their own videos singing along to Taylor’s songs from her new album on YouTube.  Over 500 kids submitted their songs – and there’s some good stuff out there.  Taylor’s people have narrowed it down to four semi-finalists and all are quite good.

Here’s where you can help a gal out…my favorite video, Emily (HelloLovely26) is one of the finalists.  Her video is adorable (as is her dog) and she sounds great.  Thing is, she’s up against some serious competition with some series fans  and she’s lagging behind.  So I thought I’d ask you guys to help spread the word, show a little love and send some votes her way.  And don’t worry, if she doesn’t float your boat, the other acts are also quite talented.

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