It’s a New Year, It’s a New Day: ’bout Time I Post Something Already

New Day, New Year, New Beginings: Let's Have a...
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Well happy two days after new year to all of you!  I hope your NYE was all that you’d hoped it would be.  We were pretty mellow and enjoyed a fine prime rib dinner with a friend and then drove around the Rose Bowl Parade route to laugh at those crazies that camp out (while avoiding getting hit by flying marshmellows and tortillas a’la shaving cream.  We were back home in time for some lovely snacks and some champagne before it officially became ’09.  Oh and we were lucky enough to catch some of the floats as they were arriving to settle in for the night (they’re in my Facebook photo album as they were blackberry images).

I’ll admit it, I haven’t been around all too much lately.  I’ve been taking care of some year end business and well, just been enjoying the holiday season without feeling the need to post much.  I’ve been all over Twitter and Facebook though if you don’t yet follow me there. Oh and speaking of Facebook, I did it, I finally found and contacted someone out of my past…someone from elementary school in fact.  It was kind of fun – especially checking out her photo albums.  I just might have to add a few other former classmates.  The odd thing, while I was poking around my old schools’ (yes, I went to two high schools) FB rosters, I realized that while I recognized so many names, I couldn’t necessarily remember a face, a personality or well, the person attached to the name.  Guess I don’t remember all too much about my childhood after all.

I’m wondering, does anyone else take a moment to look back over the past year before it officially ends?  I spent some time last week looking over my business accomplishments.  While I might not have made oodles of bank last year, I still think that I’ve accomplished quite a bit.  I also took a moment to send out a couple personal notes to people that I’ve met throughout the year that have helped me with my business (crap, I just now realized that I forgot one important person…BRB…okay, that’s done *whew*).  I think my favorite year-end task was writing a quick letter to my long distance friends (that for some reason or another I rarely talk to throughout the year) and doing a “what a year it’s been” update.  Lots of fun to linger over the memories and photos – especially since I was able to visit with so many of my long distance friends in ’08.  It’s been a good year with so much to be grateful for..gotta love that!

So now it’s time to look forward and focus on the amazing 2009!  Which of course starts with tasks…*sigh*.  Oh well, I’ll willingly clean up the apartment and especially my office knowing that doing so creates a shift in energy to bring forth new and amazing things.  Can’t say I’m so willing to embrace moving the Christmas boxes back out to the garage (though it will be quite nice to see them GONE!) or to do the piles of laundry that seem to have developed over the days (how does that happen??)  But I think my favorite task to do this week (what’s left of this week) is to sit down and set some intentions for how I want 2009 to play out and set some goals to go along with those intentions.  I’m honestly so excited for the many wonderful things that are going to come along this year.

So what about you, what are some of your year-end and new year rituals? Do you both to create resolutions or do you set up goals and intentions or something else?  Do you clean, organize, store away?  Tell me!!

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3 thoughts on “It’s a New Year, It’s a New Day: ’bout Time I Post Something Already

  1. Sarah

    Katy, I think we do just about the same things. I have been clearing out clutter, updating all my quicken and prepping for tax time, an annual event for me at this time of year. Then, this year, I’m really planning ahead. I have so much I want to do, so many directions I could go in, I really have to spend some time in decision mode, evaluating them all. Like you, I feel excited about all the possibilities, but I feel like I need some focus.

    Oh, and I also do always make a resolution or two, and this year I resolve to focus, specifically on making money. Here’s wishing us BOTH success in that area!!

    Sarahs last blog post..Halloween Is Big At My House

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    Sometimes I just need to take my own advice. I wrote a biz blog post about writing goals and setting intentions saying that if something doesn’t scare you, it’s not worth pursuing. So what am I doing…avoiding writing my goals because I seem to be afraid to admit what I want – LOL. Gotta love that. Bring on that focus baby!

  3. Sarah

    Fear! It’s such a serious motivator!! Just usually in the wrong direction — toward NOT doing anything instead of taking action. I was THINKING about my goals but I haven’t actually written them down yet — why not????

    Sarahs last blog post..Halloween Is Big At My House

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