Saying Buh Bye to LiveJournal

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Gawker says they’re on their way out with 20 out of 28 US jobs getting cut (they’re now based in Russia).  CNET says it’s was all an exaggeration and only 12 out of those 28 jobs were cut and that operations are still going strong back in Mother Russia.   Either way, I won’t miss it.  Then again, I’m still disappointed over how they handle harassment and stalking…they do absolutely NOTHING about it (even when contacted by lawyers).  So yeah, no hard feelings here.

While I’ll admit that I cut my blogging teeth over on LJ, I’ve been a WordPress gal nearly as long.  So many of my “real life” friends keep their ‘journals‘ over on LJ and it’s frustrating beyond belief for me to keep up with them since I have to go out of my way to read their posts.  I’ve found that for many people that keep a journal over at LJ, they’re pretty much afraid of someone finding them and reading either the inner-most personal details of their goings on, or what they’re saying about their husbands, their family, the in-laws, their bosses or co-workers , so they like to keep their accounts locked and only open to people they know. In this way, it really is more of a journal than a blog.

It should be interesting to see if they’ll stick it out, move on to something else (seems Vox keeps coming up), embrace blogging on other platforms or drop the whole thing all together.  All of this reminds me that I need to drop Brie a note about my original LJ account that I deleted.  She suggested I try going WayBack, but since I too kept a private, friends only journal over there, WayBack won’t be  much help.  Oh well.

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