What’s Up With the Crazy Dreams?!?

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Enough already. For the past two weeks or maybe even more, I have been having some wonky dreams.  I wasn’t going to share them – because who really wants to read about someone’s crazy dreams, but they’ve been going on for far too long.  Rest assured, I won’t spill the details (they’re truly not that exciting).  In fact, when you get right down to it, some might even say they’re scary.

Well, scary if you consider constantly dreaming about work scary.  And you know, I do.

Let’s keep a few things in mind.  Mainly, I work for myself.  I have no boss other than myself.  I work from home unless I chose to get up and drag my laptop somewhere else to work or head out to network.  So really, how scary could those work dreams be, right?

Here’s the thing, no one should have to work 24/7.  I shouldn’t be tossing and turning thinking about Facebook (yes, I’m dreaming about Facebook – talk abot craziness).  I shouldn’t wake up, still half-asleep muttering that I have to blog or that I have to fix the blog (damn theme insanity). Yes, I’m dreaming about blogging.  I’m also dreaming about networking, teaching workshops, Twitter, writing emails to secure more giveaway products, etc.

Essentially, I’m working in my sleep!  And this is just wrong.  Wrong, I say!

Our slumber should be a safe haven dammit!

So what the hell?  I’m not stressed.  For the most part, I’m sleeping just fine.  More importantly, my eyes aren’t twitching (typically a dead giveaway that I’m stressing). I don’t feel overwhelmed or out of control.  If anything, I feel the opposite – I feel motivated and excited by what’s to come.

So what’s going on here?  And what I really want to know…when will it stop?  And why oh why can’t I have dreams about a shirtless Brad Pitt and Brendan Fraiser fighting over who will spoil me rotten?  Come on, what’s a girl to do?!?

Does this happen to you? Do you get recurring themes in your dreams (ha, I rhymed!!)  Do you even remember your dreams beyond first waking up?

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  1. emmajames

    Try meditating for 5 minutes before you go to sleep. I’ve never done it, but I have friends who swear by it. I just stay up til I’m bleery-eyed exhausted and then don’t remember my dreams. I do grind my teeth though, which isn’t much fun either.

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