I’m Getting Things Done Today

Not that you need a day by day update, but I have been busy today.  Headed out to the crazy inexpensive fruit & veggie store, then headed out to the grocery store after that.  I talked with folks about upcoming contest promotions – my February is lined up and it’s time to work on March.  I worked on my friend’s blog and tried to figure out her mysterious RSS issues. I made a mailing list for all the prizing I need to ship out this week (dreading the packaging and shipping, but oh well).  Contacted a friend regarding her upcoming Valentine teleseminar for those still nursing a broken heart.  And I also designed my site’s newsletter using DreamWeaver – never used it before.

Not too shabby if you ask me (especially since so much of it require staying glued to the computer).  Now if I could only figure out those seemingly annoying glitches in Quickbooks, I’d be thrilled.

Otherwise, not much to say here.


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