The Shopping Moratorium Has Ended

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Well, not really.  But kinda.  Once we realized that the fraudulent charges were dropped, it eased things up a bit.  Not that I’m going to head out to pick up that new $300 purse (heck, I’m turning down a trip to the outlets this weekend), but I have done a little shopping.

Since I haven’t had much luck finding dresses, I picked up a pair of black slacks yesterday at Kohl’s.  Of course, they were on sale, not crazy discounted, just on sale. They’ll do nicely though…once I find a pair of casual, but comfortable heels, that is.

Then today I was reminded that the hubs needs new jeans. In the past couple of months, he’s had to retire about three pairs of his jeans due to rips in the legs (so odd, that all three had the same rip in the same spot).  Silly me, I never did get around to replacing them.  Of course, once we ready a certain point (hello laundry day I’m talking about you!) we remember about the need to replace those retired, holey jeans.  So off to Penny’s I went.

I didn’t have much luck (plus I was confused as to which size since he has two different sizes he’s been wearing). I picked up one pair in each size, but since they weren’t the same brand, only one was on sale and the other full price. I’m thinking that once he gets home and confirms the sizes, I’m just going to do an online order somewhere. 

While I was at Penny’s I checked out the sale racks for myself.  Wow, they’ve got some crazy markdowns going on.  I picked up a cute wrap sweater in black (will be great for travel and summer concerts), a pair of black pigmented dressy jeans (you know, not black jeans, but black trouser-jeans), and a long-sleeve, faux-wrap shirt.  Great stuff for oh, less than $10 each (except the sweater, that was only half price).  Those jeans were originally $50 and I got them for $8.97!  Score!

I also headed back to Sephora to return that Stila lipstick I bought as part of the Great Lipstick Hunt ’09 and a couple of other things I recently bought but realized I didn’t need.  I don’t know about you, but I enjoy un-shopping as much as shopping sometimes.  I did pick up this cute Eco Eyes set from Tarte – I figured with what I returning, it was only about $20 for about $109 worth of product.  Another score, right? Plus it came with a full-size mascara and well, we know that I’m still in the middle of the Great Mascara Hunt ’09.  And to be honest, I think that eyelash curler works better than my coveted Shu Uemura which has really been letting me down lately. I wonder if this one will trigger my luggage getting searched (I only seem to get searched when I bring my  lash curler with me).

So when I order the hubs some jeans tonight, I might also order myself a dress or two (there are a couple I’ve been eying on Old Navy clearance).  But then I just need to stop.  After all, there’s that 5th anniversary- 40th birthday trip we’re saving for in May! 😉

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