Trying Out a New Derm

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I have an appointment with a new dermatologist tomorrow and I seem to be a little afraid. I won’t say that I loved my old derm, but he was good. Best of all, he didn’t do cosmetic stuff, so I was never pitched to or encouraged to try a super expensive line of product. In fact, he recommended that I just wash with Cetaphil or Purpose and skip moisturizer all together (all while using my Duac and Retin A to combat the stupid adult acne I’ve dealt with since my 20’s).

This will also be my first female dermatologist. Knowing that I’m *this* close to 40 and living in LA I’m sure I’ll hear all about lasers, botox and peels. And while I wouldn’t mind a facial, I just don’t think I’m up for the “you could look younger” pitch.

Funny enough, I have an age spot on my face, on my right cheek that my primary doctor has been wanting my derm to get rid of. My now former derm had no problems with it (I think he dealt mostly with older patients dealing with skin cancer more than acne sort of issues – I often felt like the youngest patient in his waiting room). I have a feeling, this derm might see my little hyperpigmentation spot differently. Well, I guess if it’s covered by insurance, I’m okay with it.

But really, I’m just going because I recently had a mole on my left arm that turned red and itchy for a week or so (and of course is now fine) and I figured that maybe a doctor should look at it. So basically, it’s time for my second skin mapping. Growing up super fair skinned with a pool in the backyard has not left me unmarked. Mind you, it only took me until I was about 18 or so to realize that I would never tan like my brother, father or grandmother…I’m just not made that way. I do freckle quite well…that’s almost like a tan, right?

So what about you…are you a slave to the sunscreen? Do you have a particular skincare line that you love? Have you had any moles checked out? Or am I just getting older *sigh*

ETA: Crap!!! I just accidentally posted this post in my biz blog.  That’s not cool, not cool at all.

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  1. emma james

    God, I feel your pain. I keep putting off my next derm appt because I know my new doc is going to pass out in horror and I’ll end up with a $500 bill. The joys of aging + health care system.

    Good luck!

    emma jamess last blog post..Coin Banks

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