Calling All You Manicure Lovin’ Gals

I have a question….how can I extend my manicure?

I just got them trimmed & polished for Friday (job/client interview) and I want them to still look great.  In the meantime, I still need to change up the bedding, do some dishes (at least twice), wash my hair (at least once), have much, much typing to do and who knows what else?

Typically, polish seems to peel off my nails within a couple of hours. Regardless of the brand of polish.  I think though, that since being on my thyroid meds, along with my nails being in better shape overall, they also hold onto polish longer.  But I’m not so sure since I usually bring my own Sticky to use as a basecoat (it helps).

Thing is, the gal forgot on my right hand and only got my left.   I need this to last until at least Friday evening…then I don’t care.

So I ask you…what do I do? Do I just need to wear rubber gloves while near water and avoid all typing or manual labor until post-meeting?
Update: never mind, the polish is already peeling – no showers, no dishwashing, just basic day to day living *sigh*

2 thoughts on “Calling All You Manicure Lovin’ Gals

  1. curlywurlygurly

    i am about to impart to you the SECRET of extending the life of any manicure. but shhhhh!

    1. NO BASE COAT. do not listen to them. do not apply a base coat.

    2. 2 thin coats of ESSIE polish…Madamoiselle is a lovely sheer pink–looks clean and won’t show if you chip later in the week.

    3. clear top coat

    4. VERY IMPORTANT! use the fan/nail drying station for 15 minutes. seriously. my mani place has the little fan things and i push the button 3 times (5 min. per) and i swear that my mani lasts 4-6 days WITHOUT chipping. honest!

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