Birthday Season Begins Here in LA Blogger Gal Land

Yes, I said “Birthday Season” and yes, I capitalized.  You see, we have eight birthdays between today and the first week in May (me! yay!) and yes, that’s only the beginning.  There’s easily another 5 or more to get us through until September.

But two of the three most important men in my life have their birthdays this week…

Happy 9th Birthday Charlie Man!!! Hope the salmon was yummy.

And then toomorrow it’s my husband’s birthday. He’s not really into birthday celebrations (hello, my birthday celebrations typically last a week!) so there won’t be any swell gifts. Instead, I’ll get his car washed and then take him out to Palate Food + Wine in Glendale for dinner.

I’ve heard good things about Palate so it should be yummy. It’s one of the Patina guys setting up shop over on car row in Glendale. Not where you’d expect to see a fine dining establishment. I hear the building is an old meat packing place or something similar with some pretty funky decor.

The best part…they have an entire room just for CHEESE!!!!! Oh.My.God! Can you imagine!?!?! It’ll be heavenly! And a perfect way to start off Birthday Season. Bring it!

Which of course brings me to a question though…what do you get your hubs for his birthday or anniversary? Do you do the gift exchanges, or are you more the nice dinner or vacation type instead?

2 thoughts on “Birthday Season Begins Here in LA Blogger Gal Land

  1. brie

    My birthday is in just over a month…and it’s a big one: 30! I’ve been trying to think of what to do. My initial guest list was overwhelming so we’ll see. It’s also a busy birthday season for me with a whole whack of bdays to celebrate between April 20 and May 20. Nuts!

    Anyhow, your question…For my boyfriend’s birthday this year (it was a significant one) I bought him a very nice watch. I went with a classic design made by a local watch company. I went with a titanium band ‘cos he wasn’t a watch-wearer prior to this gift and titanium looks nice and doesn’t weigh much. He loves his watch.

    I think that for significant occasions a significant gift is called for—if not an object at least something that will be memorable. For less significant occasions we usually still exchange gifts or do something nice. However, over the last few years we’ve moved away from gifts (we have a lot of stuff together) and towards little getaways or really nice meals.

    bries last blog post..Dear Google…

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    Are you a May baby as well? I still need to figure out what we’ll be doing for my 40th and how I can invite as many people as I’d like without having the space to do so *sigh*

    I didn’t have plans to get the hubs a birthday gift, just figured I’d wash his car and get him new wiper blades (I’m cool like that – LOL). But when he went back to return his rental camera we found a few gadgets that he asked for. So he got some camera cleaning gear of some sort or another. It’ll do, right?

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